Coincidence Theory

The initial concept art has been announced for in development script, Coincidence Theory. Coincidence Theory follows the story of a man who unwittingly becomes embroiled in an intricate plot to destabilize the Government. Told from the perspective of the man, the film will unfold following a non linear narrative, as the events are discussed via a real time telephone conversation. Although the script is at development stage, a number of high profile actors have expressed interest in participating in the film which will be filmed entirely in the UK, potentially utilizing Chester for the bustling city scenes and areas within Cheshire for the calmer locations. This is will mark the first time Carly has made the move from writer to writer/director.

After branching out to a Producer role out of necessity, this feels like the next logical step in the process for Carly. “It’s a scary prospect but one that I am excited to undertake.” Carly is the writer of the award winning Fragile Storm, starring Hollywood icon Lance Henricksen .UK short film, The Intruder and short comedy Desire.