Appalachian Video Productions, based out of WV announced production has begun on the short film Desire. Principal filming is set to begin the second quarter of 2016. The cast include Dylan Lack as wise cracking Lenny and Josh Pelikan as his faithful friend Kyle.

Other notable additions to the creative team include Zach Labin – Director / Producer / Editor and James Howell – Director of Photography. Zachary Labin is known for his work on Goat Boy Lives (2016), Appalachian Memories (2015) and The Idea Thief (2011).

His company,Appalachian Video Productions, use film to showcase the state of West Virginia and this will be no exception. He will be directing the script, written by award winning Writer and Producer Carly Street. Writer of the award winning Fragile Storm, starring Hollywood icon Lance Henricksen and UK short film, The Intruder.