Synopsis: A routine trip to the shop turns into a hellish nightmare for Joanna, as she is forced to battle the demons  occupying the darkest recesses of her mind.

"The Intruder" is a visual tale depicting the harrowing effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Our goal is to shine a light on this serious issue that many people go through and are still scared to talk about. This is an issue present around us on a daily basis, living in the darkness. We believe that more awareness  should be made around PTSD and help those afflicted to speak about their experiences.

The film specifically explores the thought of being trapped inside your own mind.... and the consequences when that is a reality. We hope that you believe in our project as much as we do!

First things first....Meet the team....

We are privileged to have on board the creative talents of Peter Kane in the directors chair & Carly Street on writing and producing duties.

 "I was drawn to the serious nature of the story and it's a subject matter that should be told on screen."    Peter Kane, Director

Peter is an award winning film director whose feature film "The Gamekeeper" won best film at the Madhouse Film Festival. The film also won the Audience award at the London Digital Film Festival as well as being official selection at several other festivals.

The script was written by award winning screenwriter Carly Street whose last short script, "Fragile Storm" starring Lance Henricksen (Aliens, Millennium) has won numerous awards on its festival run.

 "It's an important topic which people need to understand is ok to talk about. There are too many people suffering in silence and it's disgusting that society continues to ignore the cries of help from the families of those affected.Hopefully we can shine a light on it and create a discussion to highlight support out there"  Carly Street, Screenwriter

We share the same passion for exploring delicate topics and real struggles and through the use of storytelling, we want to have a positive impact on society with this endearing short film.  

Finally, but no means least, we are beyond grateful to have the acting talents of Terri Dwyer, playing our lead role, Joanna. Terri is an absolute pleasure to work with and be around and she put her heart and soul into this poignant short.

What's so different about this?

There are a lot of people trying to raise the profile of this topic currently, so what makes this project stand out? What's its unique selling point? 
PTSD sufferers in the media are generally depicted as male former servicemen. The reason for this is because finally, a dialogue about PTSD affecting soldiers due to the horrors they are forced to endure as part of their service, has been gaining voices. Whilst this is very true and what most people are rightly trying to bring awareness too, we want to shift our focus ever so slightly to highlight the effects of PTSD on the everyday men, women and children who are also affected, as well as our service man and women. 

They could be doctors, soldiers, police officers, teachers, parents. 
Every day ordinary people doing every day and ordinary things. 
This short will snapshot the ongoing cycle of PTSD for ALL of those people.