Ahead of the 2013 British Grand Prix, MoneySupermarket have got in touch and asked me to be one of the judges in their British GP Heroes campaign.

They have chosen 20 of the most successful and popular British drivers to have taken part in the championship since its inception in 1950, and is asking judges to nominate the top 3. The final results of their survey will be revealed ahead of the British Grand Prix.

So who do you think should be included? There are plenty to choose from, with Britain being the most successful country when it comes to the number of championships accumulated. In total, nine British drivers have won 13 drivers championships between them. These include great names such as Mansell, Hunt, Stewart, Hill and Clark. Not to mention leading present day drivers Hamilton and Button.

However, there are a number of other highly regarded British drivers who failed to take the crown but were still highly successful. Stirling Moss is one of these drivers, having finished runner up in the F1 championship on four separate occasions. He is still commonly regarded as the greatest driver never to have won the championship.

Coulthard, Irvine and Watson are also probably worth a mention given that they were championship challengers at certain points in their career. And what about drivers such as Welshman Tom Pryce, who never got a chance to show his true potential?

In the end, I plumped for the following top 3:

1. Graham Hill- for showing his talent across various platforms

2. Nigel Mansell- for his fighting spirit, aggression and determination

3. Jackie Stewart- for his tireless work to improve safety levels in the sport

You've seen the contenders now see the results, I think you'll find a few surprises. 

CStreet 28/05/13 in partnership with MoneySuperMarket.com