A group of prisoners, who have been forcibly experimented on by a clandestine government escape and flee to parallel universe. Some seek refuge and hide whilst others seek a new means to inflict unspeakable harm. Malcolm Monfreze sees it as a curse until he saves Ava Dickinson from a gunman and the true rationale of the experiments is revealed.

Malcolm Monfreze, a prisoner from a war torn universe has spent his life hiding in between dimensions since he escaped with twelve other prisoners. Held captive for many years and subjected to horrendous, illegal experiments designed to create a muliti universe super soldier, which could slip between worlds to collect much needed resources diminished during the war. Refusing to accept his manner of escape was via an inter-dimensional portal, created at the hands of a fellow prisoner, he has remained hidden for years living as a vagrant. When a small cafe is robbed at gun point, Malcolm intervenes and saves waitress Ava Dickinson from certain death. His efforts attract the attention of someone he previously saved who believes he should be a vigilante, as well as a prisoner from his past who brings with him the news that their former captors have found a way to re-establish the portal and send search troops through. Malcolm finds he has nowhere left to hide as his past comes back to haunt him.



Levar, Damon, Jake and Dale went out to the woods one night but only three returned with a tale of alien abduction. Thirty years later, they are thrown back together when Jake inexplicably returns. Veiled memories and dark secrets are unearthed as a retired detective tries to unravel the riddle he was unable to solve all those years ago.

Jake went out to play one day and never came back. His friends, Levar, Damon and Dale swore blind that he had been the victim of an alien abduction. Jake never returned, having apparently vanished into thin air. Dale’s father, a high ranking Colonel utilized large amount of resources on the search whilst the police worked on the theory that an opportunist predator had seized the opportunity to take the boy. After years of searching, the leads eventually went stale and the case became cold. The three friends, although forever connected by the events which transpired on that night, drifted apart. Thirty years pass before they received the news they’d been praying for, Jake has returned. In the years since the disappearance, Dale has become a recluse. All of his time focused on the distribution of a conspiracy magazine. Levar is divorced and teetering on the edge of a break down, on a down word spiral and haunted by voices from that night. Damon has apparently managed to maintain some degree of normality in life, holding down a good job, wife and three kids but behind the facade lies a false marriage and unhappiness. When detective Jonathan Flanagan reopens the investigation, the cracks begin to surface and the friend realize that the deeper they delve into that night, the more they come to realize has been a lie. Along with it, the revitalization that Jake’s return might not be the happy reunion they had once envisioned.




When an elderly man is found dead his career finds himself submerged in the murderous secret world of military secrets as he tries to unravel the secrets he intended not to die with him.

He rarely spoke of his past but when he did they were always old military tales from his time in the war. Norman believed him to be an old soldier. Though his stories could at times but rather far fetched, Norman chalked it down to early stages of dementia. He referred to himself as “the real 007, shaken not stirred.”

As he starts his quest for answers and delves deeper into his history, he finds that not only was truthful in his story telling but that much of his time was spent at area 51 as a test pilot. Each story Jerry had told Norman was carefully selected to link back to a clue which he’d left behind. The secret he took the grave with him threatens to shatter the lives of everyone on the planet.



With the date announced for humans and computers to blend, a band of fugitives are united in their quest to find a way to prevent it whilst battling prejudices and conquering their own fears.

It’s 2090. We live in a society where human form computers live in harmony with the human race. Although the computers have been educated and most are benevolent and productive members of the society, the exceptions have ruined it for the masses and a par tight is in effect. The humans have been fearful of their own government and army as well as the generations of the human form computers who hide in their communities. The army is secretly working against their own soldiers in an attempt to fully implement the use of bionic repair technology, making the afflicted subjects impervious to long term injury. Some factions within the government believe now is the time to integrate with the computers to preserve their future. As this would mean a universal link to a main frame being established, privacy issues continually hinder discussions. However due to the widespread disease crippling humans and a virus spreading through the computer population which causes them to senselessly rampage, support is growing. It is passed as a law and the date for blending is announced. It is through the combined IQ that will enable a cure for both ailments and distribute the immunity through the colony. Those who don’t wish to blend are subsequently forced into hiding. One enlightened human form computer helps a band of those hiding. Together they try to find a way to stop the blending whilst taking steps to overcome the differences that separate their societies.

After the government announce that the human race is to 'blend' with the the computers in order to save their respective societies, one enlightened human form computer helps a band of those hiding. Together they try to find a way to stop the blending whilst taking steps to overcome the differences that separate their races.


Beneath The Surface


The series follows the exploits of Peter Becker. Formerly a respected police officer now reduced to an alcohol dependent, pain ridden mess.

He blames his transition on the development of his ‘gift’. A unique ability to ’see’ things and recognise criminals, he acquired this during the recovery period of a serious accident. Initial attempts to incorporate his new found ability into his police work lead to him fabricating evidence on suspects he ‘knew’ to be guilty and tampering with evidence on cases not strong enough to secure a conviction. Once such occurrence resulted in a cruel and devastating attack on someone he loved. Afraid of losing his already fragile grip on reality he spent years trying to push his ‘gift’ from his mind. He decides to reassess his denial however, when he is called upon to heal a cancer stricken child. Resistant, but ultimately engulfed by a desire for him to save her, Becker attempts the impossible with life altering consequences for his future.


Pages Of Time

Logan Banner stumbles across an ailing ship which has an active time window allowing entry into the life of a 20th century girl, who may hold the key to avoiding the devastating interplanetary war in his time.

Logan is the sole surviving crew member of a salvage ship operating in deep space. Recovering from a system overload which killed the rest of the crew he is nursing his damaged vessel back to port with the aide of the emergency holographic crewman, Max. They encounter a drifting, lifeless ship. Seeing it as an opportunity to tow and reclaim the cost of repairs, he boards it.

Once on board he finds a serious of doorways and two way mirrors. Each doorway opens on a timeline of a girl, Sienna. Intrigued by the life the girl leads and in need of the ship he continues to visit her but what passes as hours for Logan translate as years for Sienna. When Max uncovers the purpose of the ship and the intentions of the creatures on board, Logan is forced to make a choice which could leave him trapped for ever.




100 years from now the earth will be caught in a cataclysmic event. Little does the world know that the clock to the Armageddon has already begun ticking as the world’s governments have formed an alliance to preserve the human race.

On a space ship that survives like a life boat, there are thousands of people in stasis. The crew are awakened when the ship logged a reduction in power levels and it automatically revived them to solve the problem. They were on a pre-planned route to a new planet which could support life. They left hundreds or thousands to die on the planet as it fell apart during an extinction level event. The crew discover the reasons for the power issues - a group of refugees, smuggled onto the vessel by a soldier working the security detail. Their additional weight and life support drained the power supply and reprogrammed the ships  destination.

Stranded in space with minimal power, the crew race against the clock to regain control of the flight systems. When civilians begin to wake, tensions within the ship bubble to the surface as old wounds are opened and the secrets of the stasis selection process is unearthed.



A troubled city cop finds himself embroiled in a hunt for an alien creature as he struggles to unravel the aftermath of a crashed alien vessel in the woods over fifty years previous when a search for a missing child leads him into a series of strange events.

Connor Jackson is a city cop, sent to a small town after a sting operation that went wrong. His boss has 'hidden' him from the radar and sent him to a quiet town until the dust settles on his involvement. The operation killed his partner and he lays the blame solely at his own door. He drinks to block out the nightmares and spends his initial days in the station where the highlight of his day is finding more stray pieces of an incomplete jigsaw puzzle to complete.

He is befriended by a kindly old lady in the town, Vivienne who takes him under her wing. One night, she wakes him from his sleep as one of the children she fosters is missing. Connor goes out to search for him and with no apparent sign of him in the town, he turns his search to the woods. Whilst in the woods he is attacked and chased by a shadowed Creature. During the chase he finds a child’s jacket. He is able to escape from the woods but when he recounts his experience to Vivienne back at the house, she confides that she experienced a similar chase. One which she was only saved from by the intervention of a mysterious soldier who carried her back before vanishing without a trace. Together they return to the woods and find themselves captive in an army base with the Creature stalking them and the children in the town.



Mark Carter must discover which of the two lives he appears to be uncontrollably slipping in and out of is real. As his consciousness shifts from one life to another, in one he attempts to unravel the apparent death of his wife and the other is a struggle to piece back together his life through fragmented flashbacks and horrifying visions.

Dr Mark Carter finds himself in his locker room, after performing a major surgery, the only problem is he cannot remember the surgery. The last thing he does remember is dropping his wife off at work. He is told by colleges that is wife is in fact dead and has been for over a month. Hysterical, colleges are forced to sedate him. When he awakens he finds himself in another life where his home is a mental institution and he has no memory of his wife or his life before waking there days previously. His consciousness seems to shift from one life to another as he tries to unravel the apparent death of his wife and the struggle to piece back together his life from fragmented visions and flashbacks.



It’s 2025, world wide rationing is in effect and the world is on the cusp of reaching it’s limit. Survivors of a world wide cataclysmic event are forced to hunt, scavenge and pillage from their own kind for survival.

One survivor, Derek Boothe finds himself waking up to a nightmare. Fresh from a hyperbolic stasis chamber he is instantly submerged into a dark world where he is alone. On a quest for knowledge and water he meets Callum. A hardened survivor who tells him what happened and offers him shelter. On their travels they find another survivor, Shila, scared and alone. With whispers of a safe zone, the three embark on a quest in which all will be forced to face the mistakes of the past.



Donnie, Mitchell and Larry are life long friends. Down on their luck through redundancies and life obstacles they catch up for an evening of alcoholic, idiocy and herbal remedy. The topic of conversation turns to hit men and after a large consumption of alcohol they ponder the idea of it as a viable career. Larry rubbishes the idea immediately but Mitchell, encourage by drugs and Donnie sees it as a viable means to clear debts which threaten to cripple his marriage. Increasingly convinced that they can complete a couple of hits and effectively retire, they convince Larry to join them, recognizing that his legal knowledge will be a great asset to them. Reluctant but desperate, he agrees and after days of research they stumble upon a site which provides a step by step guide. As they select targets and the reality of their new line of work creeps in to both Mitchell and Larry’s minds, they notice an increasingly dark side to Donnie emerging. With Larry and Mitchell ready to hang it in and return to as normal a life as they can decipher, Donnie, it seems has developed a taste for it and will not give up easily.________________________________________________________________________________________________

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