Self-Employed Position - Landlady

Marstons PLC 

May 2012 to December 2014


I held the position of landlady of a local wet-led pub. Whilst I shared the day to day running of the bar, I was responsible for all aspects of the back office systems, which includes safe balancing, receipts, accounting, auditing, staff rotas and payroll. I was also solely responsible for the stock rotation, line checks, stock audits and sales projections. After proving myself with my own sites marketing and advertising/event organisation, I was asked to be the area trainer for the marketing strategies, events management and social media growth and productivity of over thirty other sites. for a period of eight months, we ran a second food-led site and rebuilt it's food sales and evening trade to a pre-argreed target.

Event Coordinator

Marstons PLC 
March 2014 to May 2014

As part of a two person team we organised a Charity music festival to take place over 3 days and 5 venues called The Phoenix Festival.The entire festival was coordinated by us from conception to marketing.We were able to publicise, design and create all marketing materials from scratch and using all social media platforms filter them through to our audience. We utilised existing relationships throughout the area to publicise and promote, ensuring the event was a success.


Social Media manager

Marstons PLC/Freelance 
July 2013 to Dec 2014

Working with a number of creative individuals and companies to broader their public appeal and popularity, encouraging the use of social media as a platform as well as day to day customer services assistance and improvement. With 2+ years’ experience, I manager all clients online social accounts as well as my own personal accounts and that of my projects. On-going tasks include creating social media campaigns and calls-to-action that drive target buyers to client sites and generate leads for our clients. Singularity responsible for executing all activities and constantly offering a vast spectrum of advice, training, start up accounts and continuous support.

Freelance Script Writer

Freelance Screenwriter


A UK based production company, Side Bar Films optioned two of my science fiction feature scripts. One of the screenplays is currently in pre-production. Scheduled for production 2015.

Indie Film Press Associate

Online content            

Providing press releases and online content to be used in conjunction with a film release to heighten interest.

Providing post production news, reviews, blurbs, poster quotes and interviews.


"Shattered Love" / "Fragile Storm"

Freelance screenwriter & script consultant

greater los angeles area, us

US production company Palm street Films optioned my short script through a competition entry. The film has garnered a lot of industry buzz and has attached actors of a high calibre. 

Fragile Storm is a powerful and moving short film about an elderly woman in the advanced stages of dementia.

The is film is set to shoot shortly and will be entered in to all the major film festivals both foreign and domestic.

Currently working on a feature script with director/producer Dawn Fields. 





 Co-Writer/Developer (STAGE PLAY) -

Mike's Big Day Out - 2013

LOUIS - 2013/2014

Mama's Pantry - 20014

Regent Theatre - 2013/14


Script Consultant


July 2013

As a script reader I offered consultancy on the screenplay whilst in it's initial draft form. Offered consultancy through from pre-production to filming and provided notes on draft, development and plot. 
Concept Artist, Freelance Graphic Artist  
Brief : To create and design some original artwork to launch the project via facebook, twitter and various other promotional material for the independent film "Lost Diagnosis"


Motorsport Journalist, Freelance Journalist, Writer & Editor

On-line Media Content 
July 2012


I decided to combine my two great loves in life and apply my creative talents to a new medium. I am currently in the process of updating and administrating my website, through which I publish my own work. I have managed to develop a number of relationships with established GP2 teams as a means to build my portfolio as well a number of exclusive interviews with both established and rising talent. After a relatively short time I acquired a position as senior contributor on the writing staff of a leading formula one website The Write Formula and contributed to Enter F1 among others as well as providing on-line content for a number of Sporting sites. A cinematic analysis of Senna led to worldwide positive feedback, including from the director himself and secured an exclusive article with Red Bull Racing.

With the release of 'SENNA' I found myself able to combine my passion for both with a textual analysis of the film which has been read and seemingly well received by the films director, Asif Kapadia via a twitter compliment. I include this as I I also recently found myself fortunate enough to be invited to provide my F1 insight on a short radio slot. 


Concept Artist

Freelance Graphic Artist

February 2012 – May 2012 (4 months)Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Brief : To create and design some original artwork to launch the project via facebook, twitter and various other promotional material for the independent film "Lost Diagnosis"


Concept Artist

Freelance Animation Artist
United Kingdom

"City In The Rain" Animated short which has been Written and directed by Katrina Smith-Jackson and animated using original artwork designed and created by myself.


Concept Designer

Tench & Bryon

To design and develop an original logo for an online sketch show called "Tench & Bryon" the logo was used and online marketing material and as an opening screen for the numerous live shows.


"Minds Eye"  Virgin Media Shorts  Cheshire  November 2012

A two minute short dissecting the dark wonders of the human mind, written by myself and selected for option by an independent film-maker for submission to a selection of festivals.


"The Lifeless Fair"

Freelance Screenwriter
United Kingdom

Written by Carly Street Directed by Andrew Walkington

Originally a fifteen minute short feature which was chosen as the winning entry for The Cheshire Film Project 2005 and subsequently made into an edited five minute feature. It tells the story of three bored teens who stumble across a derelict fairground and decide to explore it. Their entry awakens the sleeping fairground and it’s lost souls. Sets were constructed from scratch, volunteers participated in all aspects of the films creation from makeup and set design to filming and performing. I was fortunate enough to gain additional insights into script editing and direction.


"The Lifeless Fair"

Freelance Animation & Design
United Kingdom

I designed the initial set design as well as the characters costume.

"The Secret"

Written & Directed by Carly Street Starring & Edited Carly Street

A 1 minute short film, shot in 1 day as part of a filmmakers challenge. It's a normal day at college but Casey cannot seem to shake the feeling that she is being watched. Alone in a stairwell, a frantic chase ensues, but who or what is responsible?



“The Treasure Of Albion”  Written/Directed by Andrew Walkington

This feature was a youth project engineered to provide opportunity for students to gain experience and insight into their desired aspects of film production. I was able to participate into the initial pre-production and a the first two weeks of on-location filming.  I gained new skills in the organization of locations and agreement of props, cast and crew.

Role - Pre-Production Producer


"Marvins Mad Half Hour"  

Created, written, directed and edited by Carly Street and Rachel Heath. We were charged with the task of creating a ten minute opening segment of an original children's television program aimed at a target audience of 3/5 yr olds. The resulting show mixed live action with stop motion animation including a diverse range of subjects such as art, dance and english.