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Ginetta Junior Rising Star Niall Murray.... 

Niall Murray is a rising star. Mid way through his second season in the British Ginetta Junior Championship with a new team and high aspirations. The former Ginetta Junior Ireland Champion quickly became a favourite in his first season in the UK and bagged two very impressive race victories over eventual champion
Seb Morris.

Finishing the second half of 2011 on the podium no less than 6 times proves that Murray is establishing himself as a a real contender to take the title in 2012. As predicted he is taking the 2012 season by storm racking up victory after victory and podium after podium.

Name: Niall Murray
Age: 17
Hometown: Firhouse, Dublin

He took some time from his scheduled to answer a few questions!

What has been the most memorable on track moment, good or bad?
Brands Hatch GP last year when I worked my way from 10th on the grid to first and ended up winning the race.

What's the most important quality required to succeed in this series?
Patience and consistency!

Who is your biggest professional inspiration?
My brother Eoin

What first sparked your interest in this particular field?
I’ve always been interested and around Motorsport events ever since I remember!

What about your biggest inspiration in your personal life?
Same as above

How do you prepare for the night before a race? Any routines or rituals?
Just get to bed early and think about every eventuality in the race usually!

What's the best advice you've received so far?
Just to keep the head and be consistent really.

What are your expectations for 2012?
From the beginning my expectations for 2012 were to win as many races as possible and in turn the championship.

You're aspirations are to progress ultimately into touring cars, do you think that's an achievable goal and what steps will you take to ensure this?
Of course it is possible to achieve this aim although it will not be easy at all! I’d like to compete next year and stay on the TOCA package but no matter what I do I’d need to bring at least 100k+ along with me which we just don’t have. The ultimate aim is to gradually climb the ladder of saloon car championships in either England or Europe and see where I can end up!

What would be the ultimate driving experience for you and why?
A BTCC car, I’ve seen them racing for years now and just think they’re an amazing car.

If you weren't competing in the series, what would you likely be doing?
Ginetta Junior Ireland or some other class in Ireland.

Thanks once again to Niall and his managermnt for his time.

 If you want to keep up to date with his achievements be sure to follow him on twitter @NiallMurray5 & log onto his website

@ www.niallmurray.com

Wayne Douglas has been a key figure in the sport, developing drivers of such calibre as Bruno Senna. With his recent appointment at Williams and Wayne's proven track record do you feel that you too can benefit from Wayne's input?
Yes. Wayne has been a massive help this year doing driver coaching for me as my brother Eoin was at most of the rounds last year and doing driver coach with me. However in 2012 he is competing in 2 different Renault Clio championships so cannot attend a lot of my races.

What do your family and friends think about your achievements?
My family and friends are very supportive of my achievements and also a lot of people from the Irish motorsport community would know me through the shop too and I’m constantly getting ‘well done’s’ so a massive thank you to everyone supporting me out there!

If you are crowned driver's champion, what's the first thing that you will do to celebrate?
I haven’t quite thought about that just yet!

You have a growing amount of support, do you have a message for fans?
Yes I’d just like to thank them all so so much!! It means a lot when you hear support and it really does help so thanks everyone!!

Off the track, which of the other driver's would you say you're closest too?
I’d have to say my team-mate Andrew Watson. We both raced in the Irish Ginettas together and fly over to most races together so we’ve gotten a lot closer this year!

You're at the beginning of your career but have you given any thought about future aspirations in anywhere other than the driver's seat?
No. All I want to do for my life is drive, nothing else, its the only thing I’m good at and I couldn’t ever stop!


Niall Murray 
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