The Script Files

My screenplays seek to challenge perception and provide laughter and mayhem in places not often sought. I hope to invoke thought and consideration to the unseen traumas facing others. This is a small selection of short which are currently being developed at script stage.


Fragmented ( Now 'Fragile Storm')

A short created to challenge perception and a reality which is continually unclear.

Grace wakes to another frightening day spent with Norman. His controlling nature and abusive manner is unbearable and unwarranted. By the end of the night she will come to realise, if only momentarily, the trigger for this behavior.

"Fragment starts off intriguing, and ends on an even more curious note. A solid screenplay thrill through and through. The characters have a way of telling their own story, while keeping the narration at a happy medium, and it really works. "

"An emotional short. This script deftly portrays the mysterious inner struggle none of 'us' can see or feel when interacting with a friend or loved one suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's. The plot twist optimizes this unseen malady by convincingly delivering Norman (the husband) as a believable nemesis. Not until the end do we understand the pitiable position Norman is in - a loving husband faced with the loss of the woman he loves within the woman he's with."

Unnatural Sacrifice

A fathers instinct is to console his crying child but Matthew seems only to fight his as he is faced with the responsibility of caring for his daughter alone.

He watches as his day old daughter cries. His reaction should be to pick her up, console her, love her but it isn't. Through a series of flashbacks we discover why he feels this as he fights his resentful feelings. Through a series of flashbacks we discover why he feels this as he fights the feelings of resentment that he harbors.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this piece of blazing literature. Your writing style is good and so is your concept, which I really enjoyed.  Realistic is an understatement. I felt as though they were flesh and blood. "

Seperation Of The literary mind

Sol is suffocating. Experiencing a period of writer's block, he starts to struggle to  distinguishing between the world he occupies and the various worlds he has conjured for his literary creations. With no signs of the writers block relenting, the array of characters he has created begin to infect his mind and bleed into his unconcious. As their words and actions start seeping into his world, influencing not his actions but the actions of those around him, he struggles to break free of their collective grip.

 Minds Eye

Two minds, two wills, one body

Kathy is tired. Tired of fearing 'The Man' who materialises purely to take control of her body and distort her thoughts. Awoken from sleep to find his presence, she rebels. He wants to gain control but she can't stand to lose it. Who will prevail in this unique battle of wills?


In a post apocalyptic world, one lonely little girl searches for an escape from a chasing shadow.

Layla finds herself all alone. she searches firstly for the one thing in the world that in the absence of her parents makes her feel safe - teddy. Once located she attends to his medical needs. Together they embark on a quest for food, survivors and a refuge from a stalking predetor.

Heavenly Disguise

Callum tries to piece together the fragmented memories of a life he knew, many years before the thirst for money and murder took hold of him and became unquenchable.

Callum is a broken shell of the man he was. Tired of the life he has fallen into and the person he has become in order to live it. Haunted by the death which burdens his soul, he finds himself increasingly troubled by his actions and blase attitude to extinguishing a life in exchange for money. He is a hitman by trade. A lonely pain ridden mess by existence. A fire at his fathers cabin and a target whom he cannot bring himself to kill force him to reassess his life and his past

 " really took a liking to this, it was an interesting insight into the mindset, thoughts and feelings of a killer. Very dark, very heavy really nothing to smile about, which I love. It's like a short, hard punch in the metaphorical face."

"An interesting read with a strangely appealing main character. I found the piece easy to visualise and particularly like the evocation of Callum's bleak and murky world."

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